Paragon 7800 Fire-Safe Home Safe Review

Seeking a heavy duty safe at a bargain?  The Paragon 7800 fire safe, equipped with classic Paragon security, is large enough to hold cameras, documents, guns, and other valuables while also possessing a state of the art digital lock system along with a tubular key backup method.  I would recommend this

Paragon 7800 Fire-Safe Home Safe Review Picture

The heavy duty Paragon 7800 Home Safe

Fire Proof Electronic Digital Safe Home for customers not looking to break the bank, but desperately in need of a sturdy and large safe to safeguard their possessions in case of a fire or burglary.

There is a burglary every 14.3 seconds.  However, those with home safes are more than 30% likely to escape theft; investing in a heavy duty safe is a homeowner’s number-one priority in my opinion, and the Paragon 7800 does this without damaging one’s financial assets.  The Paragon 7800 weighs nearly 80 lbs., but I recommend making use of its steel bolts and ensuring further safety of your goods.  Nevertheless, this Heavy Duty Home Security fire safe comes with mounting hardware and tamper proof hinges as a means of discouraging a thief.  Not convinced?  The Paragon 7800 is made of solid steel and its double walls contain fiber insulation which not only makes it nearly impossible for a thief to break in by hand, but protects its valuables in case of fire for 30 minutes at 1700 F°.

Fit for average homeowners, the Paragon 7800 ensures protection from fire and theft, its structure ideal for protecting guns and other large valuables.  The fireproof safe’s interface is smooth, the shelf and hinges are well appointed, and the finish is stylish.  The only concern I have is that the safe may not protect against a determined thief, but for its price, the Paragon 7800 is the best-made heavy-duty safe one can find.

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