SentrySafe X105 Security Safe, 1.0 Cubic Feet Review

Similar in design to the X055, the SentrySafe X105 Security Home Safe is a medium sized, attractive and modern safe that includes average protection from intruders and thieves.  This safe is ideal for the college student looking for a loftier method of protection.  School administrators and universities have lauded the SentrySafe X105 as an effective way of protecting larger valuables from theft.  However, the SentrySafe X105 Security Personal Safe is not a bulky safe and should be used mainly to deter intruders from a residential environment.

SentrySafe X105 Home Safe Review

The SentrySafe X105 Security Home Safe

Fitted with an electronic keypad lock with an override key, the SentrySafe X105 Security Home Safe ensures a modern way of opening the safe, along with a security cable and bolt-down kit as a traditional reinforcement.  The X105 fits most laptops and comes with a shelf and carpeted interior, safeguarding jewelry and providing an organized safe to facilitate its use.

The SentrySafe X105 Security Safe’s only downside is its lack of protection from water and fire, and it is not particularly heavy.  Nevertheless, it is perfect for apartment residents who cannot easily bolt down their case, because they can make use of its security cable system.  Furthermore, this case is compact enough to fit under a bed, but can be used to store large items, such as laptops, or smaller items, such as jewelry and cash.  The SentrySafe X105 is a great deterrent for an owner looking for protection (from housekeepers, roommates, etc.)

Overall, the SentrySafe X105 Security Home Safe is a medium sized, average protection safe perfect for one who wants extra security in a room that is accessible by other people.

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